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Those Things You Do NOT Do

Any Tom Hanks’ movie fans out there?  One of my favorite Hanks’ films is “That Thing You Do!”, written and directed by Mr. Hanks in 1996.  The movie was about a fictitious music group in Erie, PA. in 1963 that came out with one hit that made it high up in the charts.  After a meteoric rise to fame after that one hit song (The Thing You Do!) the group fell apart and became what is known in the industry as “One Hit Wonders”.  Hanks also wrote the music that was in the picture.  Quite a talent!

Switching subjects, the other day I was thinking about the activities I personally do not partake in anymore (i.e. the “Things I Do NOT Do”).  I thought of such things as:

  • No longer being able to ride on a roller coaster at an amusement park with my children/grandchild (back surgery in the past and previous heart issues)
  • Not going on risky hikes/other dangerous sporting activities (fear of falling and breaking bones at my age)
  • Not going to parties and drinking a significant amount of alcohol (unlike the old college days, a few drinks and I am a walking zombie the next tolerance anymore!)

There are other items I can add to this list.  I am certain you can generate your own list (with a sigh) of “Those Things You Do NOT do” anymore.

Let’s bring the discussion to weight control:  Are there “Things You Do NOT Do” because of your weight?  Perhaps some of these activities include:

  • Going on vacations that include physical exertion (hiking, swimming etc) due to poor conditioning as a result of the weight.
  • Attending social events due to not feeling comfortable in the attire required for these events
  • Not playing lots with your grandchildren/children because you cannot keep up with them

 I would bet that more items can be added to this list.

The point:  Successful weight control will allow you to participate and be involved with more activities and fun events.  You will be able to “do” many more fun things and not be on the sidelines watching others have fun.  Weight control will provide you with more “Things You Do” and take away from the list of “Things You Do NOT Do”.

Enjoy the Wonders singing “That Thing You Do!”


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