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Thoughts on “Control”: Part 2

In the previous post, I pointed out that there are many people that enter the Serotonin-Plus Program that tell me that they control everything else in their lives, with the one exception being their own weight.  They express lots of frustration with this scenario, as the other “things” they are controlling in their lives seem to be much more complex than what is voluntarily placed in our own mouths.

Why is it the case that controlling one’s own weight is so very difficult?  There are numerous factors that play roles in this complex situation.  Here are some of the contributing causes:

Chemical contributions: The role of neurochemicals in cravings, satiation, hunger and reward cannot be underestimated as to the impact on our “control” systems.

Seeking rewards:  The hypothalamus contains an area of the brain called the “Pleasure and Reward” center.  This part of the brain will make us seek “gratification” and often, high-caloric foods and/or alcohol supply fulfills this “reward seeking”.

Tendency to want to “let go”:  Working hard to control other people and situations saps our energy and we will often want to release ourselves from self-control as this pertains to restricting the things we like to do…including eating high carb foods.

Self-gratification:  Human nature Is such that we tend to engage in self-gratification behaviors, i.e. things that make us feel good.  Masturbation is one example.  Diving into high caloric/high sugar foods is another.

There are many other reasons why “self-control” is difficult as this pertains to weight control.  I am interested in hearing your insights so please feel free to send your comments.


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