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Here is definition of the word, “MORATORIUM”: a temporary prohibition of an activity

Not that this word comes up often during the course of our usual discussions, but when used, MORATORIUM is usually connected to some action by a business or government, such as a MORATORIUM in hiring new workers during a budget crunch, not buying goods/services from a nation that is being punished for some nefarious behaviors or suspending sales of certain type of product linked to causing illnesses until such time as this has been investigated.

Let’s now bring the concept of “MORATORIUM” to our own behavioral patterns.  When we are struggling to control weight, there are certain things we are doing (or not doing) that are contributing to the problem.  There is not some predetermined weight “plateau” that we cannot get past.  Clearly, there are behaviors that we are engaged with that are sabotaging our weight loss efforts.

The first step is to identify, with pen and paper in hand, those behaviors that are damaging our weight control.  Some of these may be obvious, such as nightly/weekend alcohol consumption, snacking late night on carbs/sugars, having too much fruit etc etc.


Then, place your own self-imposed MORATORIUM on some/many of these behaviors.  Now, using the definition, being “temporary prohibition” implies that after a certain time period, you can resume the said behaviors.  Clearly, if this is the case, all of the weight will go back on once those behaviors are engaged once again.  What is truly needed:  First, a MORATORIUM and then when re-engaged, MUCH LESS of those behaviors.  Cut the alcohol by 50%, reduce nightly snacking by 50%, etc etc.  

By starting with a MORATORIUM on these behaviors, lots of weight loss will be seen quickly encouraging you to continue your efforts.  When the MORATORIUM is lifted AND engagement in those activities is lessened than before the M, the weight will never reach the high levels seen previously.


The answer to the question posed by this entry: YES…it is time for you to place a MORATORIUM on the behaviors that make you less healthy, less happy and look older than you should.

Break out of those old habits….and enjoy an 80’s song, BREAK(OUT), Swingout Sisters



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