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Time Is Of The Essence?

There are 604,800 seconds in a week.  That sounds like lots of time.  However, for those of you out there with full time jobs, children of custodial age, a commute to work and other time-consuming people and events in your life, how quickly do these weeks go by? The answer for many/all of us is:  VERY FAST.

Long-term weight control requires focus, planning, meal preparation, shopping, gym time etc.  So, of these 604,800 seconds, how much time can you devote to your weight control efforts?  My suspicion is that most people would answer: “not very much time at all”.

There are some ways of saving time in the pursuit of weight control.  For example, using the slow cooker or grill to make extra protein to be used for future lunches or dinners will make this easier to fulfill your daily protein intake needs beyond the one meal you are preparing.  Supermarkets offer online ordering so all you need to do is pick up the weekly groceries as opposed to spending time walking up and down the aisles with a basket and spending time checking out.  For those with some extra $$$ fresh food delivery services that allow for simply heating up healthy meals is a huge time saver.

Take a few of those 604,800 seconds today to figure out how you can save more of those seconds in the pursuit of your happy/healthy weight.

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