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Time To Evaluate Your Use Of Apps

Anyone out there remember the original portable phones?  I thought I was cool because I was one of the first doctors arriving at the hospital doctors’ parking lot with the antenna on my car roof and this huge box that contained the phone.  Then the evolution began:  Much smaller phones without a box, flip phones and now those smart phones we all carry and constantly use.

One of the major features of smart phones is the apps that we are able to load onto our phones.  These apps vary widely in genre, ranging from sports to health to entertainment to social media to business etc etc.

Some of these apps can be very supportive of your pursuit of improved health.  For example, apps that allow you to track your exercise, apps that allow you to journal your food/caloric intake, apps that measure your heart rate during exercise…these apps and more may have a positive influence on your health.

Conversely, there are other apps that are not so supportive of your health pursuits, and, in fact, can be detrimental.  Some examples of this: Apps that make it easy for you to order unhealthy food that are delivered right to your door, apps that keep you involved in playing games on your phone, thereby diverting time that could be better spent on exercising.  Apps that connect you to social media sites, and once again, eating up precious time that could have better been spent planning/preparing healthy meals.

It is time for you to evaluate YOUR use of Apps:  Open up that smart phone of yours and look at every app you have added to your phone.  Are there any there that are harming your journey to improved health?  Are there well-known apps that help health pursuits that are not there?    Delete the “bad” apps and add the “good” ones.  By doing so, you will ultimately find better success in your quest to be happier and healthier.

And in talking about the change in phones and communication over the decades, here is one profession that is sort of obsolete now:  Operators.  So, with that thought here is an old Jim Croce song.   He died way too young.  

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