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To Dream The (NOT) Impossible Dream

There are many aspects of our lives that we find ourselves not at the “place” we want to be.  I am not referring to an actual physical place (although that may be part of it) but rather, perhaps we have dreams of having certain careers, dreams of owning a type of house/financial status, dreams of how many children/grandchildren we may have, etc etc.  Many dreams are certainly possible and have various odds of actually happening.  However, certain dreams seem, on the surface, to be “impossible”.

For many overweight/obese people suffering through the medical co-morbidities, having low energy, looking years older than they should, having poor self-esteem, not fitting into their clothes, etc when they think about how life will change for the positive if weight is lost, the “impossible” mind set occurs.  On so many occasions, the “battle” was fought, and maybe won for awhile, but ultimately, all the weight comes back on and the “war” is lost.

We all need to dig very deep into our inspiration and commitment to understand that the “dream” of being at a healthy and happy weight is NOT impossible.  Yes, there are many roadblocks during the journey but these CAN be overcome.  Do not allow past failures to undermine your efforts to “live the dream” of being healthy, being happy with who you see in the mirror, going  into your closet and fitting into those beautiful clothes and making your medicine cabinet lots less crowded.

Dream the (NOT) impossible dream….and here is Elvis singing one of my favorite Broadway show tunes:

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