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Trick or Trick?

Although I am writing this post on Halloween, you will receive this a day or two after October 31.  The costumes have been put away but there is a very good chance that whatever you bought to give out to children on Halloween night has some “leftovers”.  So, what will you do with those little wrapped up candies?  Will you bring them to work and leave them in the community kitchen/break area?  Will you leave them in your pantry and vow to yourself not to touch them?  Will you throw them out?  Hmmm…a dilemma indeed!

Well, if you are on a quest to control weight long-term, you certainly do not want to leave them hanging around the house.  If you do, every time you open your pantry the Three Musketeers will call out your name and say “eat us”.  Bringing them in to work is not exactly helping others, is it?  With 70% of people in our country being overweight or obese there is a great chance that many of your work colleagues are struggling with weight control as well, so do they really need to have access to your left over Snickers or Reese’s Pieces?

So, it seems best to bite the bullet and do something counter to our human nature: We do not ever like to “waste” food, but in this case, these left over candies are NOT “food”. They are also not “treats”.  Anything that derails your weight control efforts and sets you up for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and myriad other life-threatening diseases is “tricking” you into a behavior that you will regret.

Throw them out!

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