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Trying To Find The Right Time?

When is the best time to begin a weight control journey?  Should this start after an upcoming holiday?  Wait for returning from a vacation?  Perhaps initiate your efforts after your birthday that is coming up soon?

The “right time” to focus on weight control efforts is immediately when you come to the realization that poor weight control is negatively impacting on your life.  The motivations for losing/controlling weight will come at you fast and furiously: health reasons such as a new weight co-morbidity diagnosis, being placed on additional medications by your doctor, feeling more pain in your joints, not fitting into your clothes, looking in the mirror and not being happy with whom you see, etc, etc.

Human nature factors will play a role in having us delay our “moving full speed ahead” into the time, efforts and energy needed to control weight.  We all know that the journey is not “fun”:  What is fun or easy about trading carbs in for proteins?  What is fun about giving up the “comfort” foods that provide an immediate gratification/comfort?  What is fun about getting out of bed earlier to exercise?  There is nothing “fun” about the process at all, hence the delay mechanisms and search for reasons/excuses to put off to the future those necessary efforts.

The bottom line:  There is never a “right time” other than yesterday to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty on those weight control efforts.  If you find yourself finding reason after reason and excuse after excuse to delay those efforts, STOP doing this.  Your health and ultimate happiness will be linked to weight control success.  NOW is the right time!

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