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Two Steps Forward/One Step Back?

Any baseball fans out there?  If so, I am certain you have heard your favorite team’s manager talk about the importance of winning each 3- game series.  Usually, teams will play three games against another team before moving on to their next foe.  The intention is to win at least 2 of the 3 games.  By doing so, over an entire season (non-Covid times) of 162 games, about 108 games would be won.  This clearly will be enough to qualify for first place in the division with excellent seeding before the playoffs and eventual World Series.

So, now let’s bring attention to the weight control arena.  There is a great chance that on a week to week basis, we will not lose weight every week.  Due to circumstances that may include business travel, a vacation, a celebratory week such as a birthday or anniversary, a particularly stressful week, etc., there may be great difficulty in losing weight that week.  However, if we can make the preceding week(s) or post-difficult week(s) successful, this will ultimately result in the weight coming down over the long-term.

It is important to not spend negative energy beating ourself up about weight gain weeks but rather, place positive energy into making the following weeks more successful.  Using this model of “two steps forward/one step back” we will see the scale number come down to the desired level. 

If we can actually pull off “three steps forward, no steps back” the weight loss will occur more quickly.  However, reality is such that this is not the “usual”.

Coming in for FREE body composition scans can be helpful in limiting the “steps back” to a minimum.  If you have not been in the office for awhile, stop in to say “hi” and get the free analysis.  We will help you keep those steps going forward!

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