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One of my favorite duets is a song done by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand called “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”.   Interestingly, the song was written by Neil Diamond and recorded at one point by Ms. Streisand as well.  A radio DJ playing the song thought it would be fun to splice the Diamond version with the Streisand one, and this came out so great that the two music legends then went into the recording studio and did the actual duet with each other.  The song sold millions of copies.

The song was a sad one indeed, chronicling the last days of a devolving relationship.  One of the poignant lines from the song was this:  “WHAT USED TO BE’S DON’T COUNT ANYMORE…THEY LAY ON THE FLOOR ‘TILL YOU SWEEP THEM AWAY.”   This line refers to previous years when the relationship was a good one filled with good memories but then the more recent bad times makes those good memories disappear.

Okay, as this is not a music appreciation class and more about health, let’s bring this to the weight control field:  As we age our physiology changes and what “USED TO BE’s” are really not in play anymore.  Here are some examples:

  • It USED TO BE that I could drink lots on the weekends and still lose weight if I was careful during the week.
  • It USED TO BE that if I ate/drank poorly I could offset this easily by exercising lots more
  • It USED TO BE that I could snack at night on my favorite crunchy snacks and still control my weight
  • It USED TO BE that I did not have to actually count portions of my carbs and sugars

There are plenty of other “USED TO BE’s” that have changed in nature due to our aging.  For long-term weight control success we must change our behavioral patterns conditionally based on our age-induced changes in metabolism.  If we continue doing the USED TO BE behaviors, there is little-no chance of shedding that weight.

Now, enjoy one of the best duets ever…

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