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Using Time Management

There is often a marked difference in people’s time management skills.  There is really no school courses or structured, formal education in managing time.  This is something we all sort of learn through experience and perhaps some mentoring.  You also may notice that some people are lots better with time management than others.

Focusing on the weight control arena, time management can be an important contributing factor to a person’s success vs. failure in controlling weight long term.  With there being only 24 hours a day, 1/3 of which may be taken up by sleeping, there is often precious little time to focus on weight control activities.  If a person cannot devote time to planning, preparing, shopping, exercising and other essential “weight control activities”, there is very little chance that success will be achieved.

Here are some ideas as to how to maximize “time management” as this relates to weight control:

  • When preparing a meal on the grill or slow cooker, add more protein/additional portions so these can be used for a future lunch or dinner that week.
  • Generate a shopping list of SP-compatible foods so you only need to go once to the store weekly instead of multiple trips.
  • Perhaps you have a document to read for work that can be looked at while you are on the elliptical or treadmill.
  • If walking is your exercise, use “interval” speed changes to get the heart rate up at times to maximize caloric burn-off without having to increase the amount of time devoted to the walking.
  • Use an SP tracking sheet to journal your food intake as opposed to writing down everything that is consumed.
  • Try to limit/eliminate screen time that is not productive either personally or professionally and focus on planning your meals, generating shopping lists, etc.

Please share your ideas on time management that may enhance weight control success.  E-mail us at:

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