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Want to know a secret?

I think New Year’s weight loss Resolutions are doomed. Statistically they are likely to fail within 8 days. But what if you’re totally over 2019, and hoping that 2020 will feel AHHHHmazing?

Well, rather than making a list of things you want to start when the ball drops, consider the things you can stop – right now!


  • setting resolutions that secretly make you failed. 
  • believing old stories and hang-ups that hold you back.
  • waiting for permission to have fun.

You don’t need to wait until January first for a fresh start.

Instead, begin now.  

  • What’s one thing that would make you FEEL GOOD TODAY?
  • Name one thing about yourself that you feel really PROUD OF.
  • Make one appointment for yourself that feels FUN and keep that date (a complimentary 15 minutes massage from (An Hour Of Tranquility and Relaxation with Nataliya) or free body scan visit, a walk with a friend, a great podcast!)

Need some feel good inspiration? Write any time to Nataliya or call our office 703-866-4144 and visit us! We have got a powerful way that will be sure to boost energy and good vibes.

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