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Warning Signals

When it comes to health, we have always heard about “warning signals” and the need to be rapidly evaluated if these warning signals are experienced.  As an example, if someone starts feeling pressure type chest pains when the person is exerting him/herself (angina episodes) this could be a warning signal of coronary artery blockage and an impending heart attack.  Here is another example:  Symptoms of blurred vision, slurred speech or incoordination of an extremity that lasts for 30 seconds and resolves in minutes (transient ischemic attack could be a warning signal of a much more major, permanent stroke that may occur in the future.

Let’s move the conversation to the weight control arena:  What may be considered as “warning signals” that the poor weight control has already placed your overall health in danger?

Looking at the different co-morbidities, “warning signals” could be such things as:

  • Your last blood work shows an increasing glucose level heading towards diabetes or a worsening of a case already present
  • Your last blood pressure readings have been trending upward and now most of the readings are above normal
  • Your knee or back pains no longer respond to 2-3 Advil and pretty much every day you are feeling joint pains.
  • Your spouse has kicked you out of the room because you are making so much noise breathing while you are asleep
  • You seem to be developing more coughs/colds and take a longer period of time to get over these.

There are many more “warning signals” that poor weight control is already impacting the major organs of the body.  However, even if these symptoms are not occurring as yet, there is a high likelihood that damage is being done already.

Do not wait for “warning signals” or a major adverse health event to prompt you into action on getting the weight under control.  The holidays are over, a long winter with the virus lurking awaits us and let’s all become as strong and healthy as we can.

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