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Was Benjamin Franklin A Weight Control Specialist?

One of the most important figures in the early days of America was Benjamin Franklin.  Although never a President, his role as one of our Founding Fathers was clearly very important.  There were many sides to Mr. Franklin:  a statesman, diplomat, a Postmaster General, a writer, a printer, a scientist and inventor.  Some of his inventions include the lightening rod, bifocal glasses, the Franklin stove and glass harmonica (hmmm…never saw a glass harmonica).

Looking at portraits that artists made of Mr. Franklin, by all accounts, he would have been a great candidate for the SP Program…quite an obese gentleman.  However, known for his quotes, one of these incredibly insightful utterances has incredible relevance to the field of weight control:


Although Mr. Franklin was probably referring to circumstances other than weight control, he was spot on when it comes to success vs. failure in controlling weight long-term.  Preparation has incredible relevance to the path for weight control.  There is a much better chance that people will succeed in their weight control efforts when/if they PREPARE:

  • Meal planning preparation
  • Supportive snack preparation
  • Shopping list preparation
  • Preparing the week’s schedule to allow for exercise time
  • Preparing yourself to go to a vacation spot or restaurant and know how you will approach these and yet not derail your efforts.

When people attempting to lose/control weight do not spend “preparation time” the most likely scenario is an unsuccessful effort.

How much preparation are YOU doing?  If the answer is “not very much”, keep a $100 dollar bill in your wallet, look at Mr. Franklin and heed his very sound advice.

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