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Waste Not, Want Not?

Here is an old expression: “Waste Not, Want Not”.  The origins of this can be found back in the 1500’s and the general interpretation is: The less things we waste, the less will be our needs.

Hmmm…does this have any application to human behavior patterns currently?   Well, it is sort of antithetical to our human natures to “waste” things.  When we spend money on things, whether these “things” are consumable such as food/drinks or non-consumable items, such as golf clubs, cars, tools, etc. we will tend to use them.  

Let’s focus on food/drinks for now:  Have you ever been in a situation where you are dining with a child or grandchild and the youngster takes just a few bites of the meal you bought for him/her?  It is sort of tragedy to waste that burger, grilled cheese and fries:  I know that I have most definitely reached over to that plate and stuffed some of that food in my mouth.  And this was not because I was hungry, but rather, I didn’t want to see the money wasted on food that was thrown away.

Similar scenarios can occur at restaurants when the meal and/or dessert cannot be finished and we are not positioned to take these home, such as when we are vacationing.  Human nature will have us trying our very best to NOT waste the food that we spent lots of $$$ on.

By no means am I recommending that people purposefully buy food, not eat all of it and then throw it away.  Rather, this entry is to remind people to NOT mindlessly reach over to our spouses, children and/or grandchildren’s plates to finish off their food for the simple reason of “waste not”.

Keep the mindfulness at all times and keep your hands only on YOUR plate!  Also, Waste Not (Or Don’t Waist) Your Time.   Enjoy Kelly Clarkson singing “Don’t Waste Your Time”

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