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We All Just Wanna Have Fun

One of the human nature factors we all share is our desire to have “FUN”.  However, activities/initiatives/pursuits that are felt as “FUN” by some people are not “FUN” for others.  As an example, “FUN” for me would be watching a good NFL football game on television whereas my wife would not find this activity “FUN” in the least.

There are many things that pretty much all of us would experience as “FUN” including:

  • Being with our families on a wonderful vacation
  • Seeing our children/grandchildren graduate from schools and/or excelling at activities
  • Buying/Driving a new car that we were always dreaming about 

Obviously, there are many other examples that can be added to this list.

Now, focusing on food/drink intake: Pretty much everyone would have “FUN” eating/drinking the foods/beverages they enjoy consuming.  Conversely, I am not certain that anyone out there would consider the action items required to shed weight as “FUN”.  What is “FUN” about purposefully staying away from great tasting carb and sugar containing foods?  What is “FUN” about not having alcohol containing drinks at a social event where all of the other people around us are enjoying the wine, beer or mixed drinks?  What is “FUN” about getting out of a warm bed on a cold, dark morning and heading for an early workout when you could be otherwise resting in a warm bed?

The bottom line is that there is little-no “FUN” in the act of losing weight.  However, there is LOTS of “FUN” in the great things that accompany successful weight loss:  Some of this “FUN” includes having much higher levels of self-esteem, looking years younger, throwing away medication bottles, feeling much more energy, having less pain and many other positive things thar are “FUN”.

Try to focus on the delayed gratification “FUN” that weight control will bring you.  That “FUN” is so much better than the immediate “FUN” you feel while eating/drinking derailing foods.

And although “Guys” (and anyone else other than “Girls” that I missed, as I do not want any picketing in front of my house) wanna have fun as well, Cyndy Lauper explains the situation involving girls.  Enjoy!

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