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We Go Together?

Riding a roller coaster, going to a Halloween scary house, watching a crappy movie, being in a boring meeting…these situations and more are made easier by having someone with you.  The concept of “sharing” a scary/boring/tough situation is made easier by being accompanied by someone.

A weight control journey is not fun.  Lowering carbohydrates, minimizing alcohol, counting portions of proteins, preparing meals, getting up earlier to exercise…none of these are fun nor are any easy.  We all tend to view the necessary requirements as punitive and deprivation.

Having “company” with you provides lots of benefits.  Whether this is a spouse, significant other, child, parent, friend or co-worker:  If you find one or more people similarly intent on shedding weight, working together on this will markedly improve the chances of success for all.  It becomes more fun and motivating when you interact closely with another person/people attempting to accomplish the same mission as you.  Exchanging recipes, having company on the jogging path/gym, mutually picking each other up emotionally when the going gets tough…these aspects and more are great byproducts of working on weight control together.

With 70% of our population being overweight/obese, there is no shortage of people around you that have the same intentions as you:  Become healthier and happier via effective weight control.  If you don’t have someone you know, join our Serotonin-Plus Facebook group page and I know you will find a buddy.

“Going together” is lots easier than going alone.  Enjoy John Travolta and Olivia Newton-john.

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