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What Are Diversionary Techniques?

The other day we were walking around the trail at Burke Lake Park and I was paying attention to the runners that were making their way around the 4.5 mile trail.  Unlike the other walkers that passed us by who waved and smiled, the runners seem to have an anguished look on their faces.  Clearly, it did not appear that they were having much fun.  This reminded me of my younger years when I also ran as opposed to walking.  Similarly, the pounding on the knees and feet did not feel very good and I only felt “great” after the run was over.  I kind of smile when you enter a gym and a front desk person will cheerfully say “Have a great workout”.  The only thing that is “great” is when it is over.

So, now let’s get to exercising in general.  We all know that a successful long-term weight control journey will most likely require some element of exercise.  If the exercises we opt for are painful, boring or otherwise looked at as “not fun at all” the chances are that we will pretty quickly abandon exercising at all.

This is where “diversionary techniques” can be employed to help.  Working out monotonously and repetitively on a treadmill or elliptical will prove quite boring and time will go by very slowly.  However, listening to a book on tape, zoning out to your favorite music or watching a movie/sports event/show (not news….this will depress you) will divert attention from the boring exercise and time you allow for exercise will go by much quicker.

Competitive exercise such as tennis, basketball and other sports will also divert attention from the calorie burning to the competitive aspects of the exercise.  Outside exercise such as biking, hiking or walking will similarly divert attention from the boredom of exercise to the sights and sounds of nature.  Teaming up with another person for your exercise is another form on a diversionary technique that will enhance the chances of exercise being continued and not abandoned.

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