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What Are Realistic New Year’s Resolutions?

Many of us go into the New Year with “resolutions”, i.e. dedicating/committing/promising ourselves to accomplish some initiative/change that presumably will be for the betterment of our or our loved ones health and happiness.  Some of these resolutions involve our relationships, our professions and our own personal health.

I believe it is important to place a “reality check” next to our resolutions.  For example, if a resolution is to quit smoking, perhaps take a step back and think of your previous resolutions to accomplish this yet fail on your own.  If your resolution is once again to do this without help, it is not realistic to expect this to occur. However, visiting a physician and perhaps be placed on medications can make this resolution more “achievable”.

One of the most prominent New Year’s resolutions is to shed weight.  Now, reality of success will depend on how much weight is expected to be lost.  If someone has 100 pounds to lose and the resolution is to shed all of those pounds in 1 year, this will be very difficult to achieve.  However, if the goal is to lose 30 pounds and then keep this going, this is much more realistic.

If you were/are in the resolution “business” heading into 2024, take a step back, examine those resolutions and try to bring a reality check to them.  By doing so, you will not be upset with yourself and completely give up on the changes you know will make your and your family’s life better.

And for those Kenny Chesney fans, here he is singing “Reality”.

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