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What Are The Damages?

There is an expression seldom heard much anymore, as with most sayings and expressions, these tend to be generational, and this particular expression has been used much more by older generations:  “WHAT ARE THE DAMAGES?”

The expression, “What are the damages?” refers to the situation at the end of a fine dinner out, a great vacation or other very expensive events when the bill is delivered to the person paying for that event.  Jokingly, the person would ask: “What are the damages?”, with the word “damages” referring to the exorbitant cost of the event/situation.  

With all of the above setting the background for today’s entry, here goes: Nataliya and I are returning from a wonderful vacation tomorrow and I am writing this the day we are traveling back home.  The vacation included an “all inclusive” food package and the meals and desserts were fantastic.  Placing this in the category of “Do as Dr. Posner says, not what he does”, I lost all control for 7 days.  I ate more desserts in 7 days than I would in 3 months, consumed more carbs in 7 days than I would in 1 month and to sum it up:  My new nickname should be “Buffet Bob”.

What were the “damages”?  I do not know as yet because I am not home and do not have access to my own scale.  Here is my gameplan:

  • I purposefully lost 3 pounds before the trip knowing that there will be “damages” (i.e. weight gain) during the vacation
  • I will weigh myself the very first day we are home to see exactly what the “damages” are.
  • I will then adjust my dietary plan (go to Phase 1 or Phase 1 modified) for the amount of days needed to get back to what I target as my “healthy and happy” weight

The point of this entry is NOT to dissuade people from going on vacations and stressing about every calorie they eat and/or booze they drink.  However, it is important that when we return, we must 1- See the “damages” (weigh yourself immediately upon return) and 2- DO something about it (i.e. start following the dietary approach needed to get the weight back down).  

The “damages” of poor weight control are far more expensive than the “damages” to your bank account from spending money on vacations,  Our collective goal should be to establish/maintain good health so we can enjoy many more fun vacations in the future.

And here is a hint as to where we are returning from:  Aloha

And from Elvis’ “Blue HAWAII” album here is one of his most famous tunes:

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