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What Are The Dangers Of “Belly Fat”?

We have fat cells located all over the body.  However, the area of most concern for fat accumulation is around our mid-section, otherwise known as “belly fat”.   It is fairly recognizable when too much belly fat is present, as we can visibly see the “spare tire” around our waist as well as noticing that it becomes more and more difficult to button or zip up our pants.

Belly fat is more indicative of visceral fat, meaning the build up of fat around our major organs.  Studies have shown that belly fat increases the likelihood of heart attacks.  

A major study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association evaluating over 500,000 people in England showed that specifically in women, a much higher heart attack rate was seen in those women with higher “belly fat” as opposed to the women with the same BMI, carrying the weight in different locations.

To assess your overall fat levels, please come in for a free body composition analysis.  However, without a fancy machine, you can simply see if pants you have worn previously are no longer fitting whereas dresses still fit.  Actual measurements can be taken and the hip-waist ration, waist circumference and waist to height ratio can be determined and compared to “norms”.

“Belly fat” is more than an aesthetic issue….it can place your heart at major risk.  You can get rid of this fat with a prudent dietary and exercise strategy.  If you are struggling, we can help!

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