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What Are The Differences?

When I conduct the weekly visits for the patients we have in our weight control program, most people will not have the same, predictable weight change every week.  Rare is the person that loses 1, 2 or 3 pounds every week.  Sometimes the weight loss in a given week may be very substantial, such as more than 3 pounds, but in other weeks, the weight loss is more modest and there even weeks when weight gain occurs.

Often, the reasons why the weight loss (or gain) was either high or low (or not at all) are readily apparent to the person.  These reasons include:

  • I traveled this week and ate most of my meals on the road (minimal weight loss or weight gain)
  • I followed Phase 1 exactly this past week (aggressive weight loss)
  • I exercised more this week (aggressive weight loss)
  • I ate more fruit this week (less weight loss or weight gain)
  • I ate less cheese this week (aggressive weight loss)
  • I had several parties on the weekend and drank alcohol (minimal loss or gain)



We can add many more reasons to the above list describing why the weight change was positive or negative in nature.  These reasons also explain why the weight change was different than the week before.

When patients report to me an aggressive weight loss for that week, I implore them to take a few minutes to jot down the differences between what they did that week compared to the week before when perhaps their loss was minimal or weight gain occurred.  The same thing goes for a week when there was no/minimal loss or weight gain:  Jot down the differences between that week and previous weeks when weight loss was more substantial.

With everyone being different, sometimes subtle differences may result in major impact on the scale results for that week.  When I speak with a patient that had a much less successful week than the week previous, and I ask about any “differences” that week, most often I will receive a number of reasons.  However, sometimes patients will state  “I did nothing different than the week before”.  BUT, when I start asking specific questions about alcohol, skipping of meals, more carb intake, less exercise, I will then hear responses that do, in fact, reflect the differences of approach.

So, the message from this post: Do not beat yourself up about a weight gain or no weight loss week…take a few minutes to dig deeply into your dietary and exercise patterns that week to find the differences between the previous 3 pounds loss week vs. the 0.3 pounds loss the current week.  I would bet you will find some differences.  Take that information and bring the positive differences into the next week.

Here’s a rock and roll difference: The Beatles went to a different drummer in 1962.  The original drummer, Pete Best, did not get along well with John, Paul and George.  Some reports state that the three were not very happy that Best, with reportedly good looks, was garnering lots of attention.   Their different drummer?  Ringo Starr.  And the first song he wrote for the Beatles?  “Don’t Pass Me By”…Here is Ringo doing his own song.

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