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What Are The Important Choices?

Here is a definition of the word “CHOICES”: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

How many “CHOICES” do YOU make each day?  I do not believe that many/any of us have actually counted the choices we make in any given day but I suspect it is in the hundreds.  From what socks/other clothes we will wear to what we will eat for our meals to what website we will first visit when we open our computers…the list goes on and on and on concerning what “Choices” we will make as our days progress.

Coning this down a bit in categories of choices, how many choices do we make each day that impact our own health?  Such issues that will be pertinent will be our choices of the foods and beverages we consume, what type (if any) exercise we will partake, the vitamins/supplements we take, how much sleep time we will allot, what stress reducing activities we incorporate, etc.

Clearly, the most important choices we make each day are the ones that impact our and our own families’ health.  These choices may seem insignificant on a daily basis, but cumulatively, they can impact our health in major ways.

Take a step back and evaluate your own daily choices as these relate to health.  We cannot choose our genetics/propensity to develop certain diseases but we certainly can choose behavioral patterns that lessen the chances of bad things happening to us because of health issues.

There was a really fun holiday movie years ago starring Nicholas Cage, Tia Leone and Don Cheadle called “Family Man”.  At the end of the movie, Cage’s character had to choose between a great job promotion and keeping his wife/child happy in their current life.  His speech to her included the line “I CHOOSE US”.   Let’s all embrace that line and “Choose” the lifestyle that keeps you alive and well to enjoy the love of your family.

A song from that movie: La La Means I Love You….enjoy the Delfonics.

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