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What Are The Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Let me start out by stating that this is NOT an entry discussing politics nor my personal political leanings.  The subject of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease have been prominent in the news and today’s discussion is not about the mental fitness of our current President.  Pretty much every one of us has personal experience with a family member(s) or friends that are battling a form of dementia.  Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and is characterized by progressive cognitive decline and memory loss.   

Here are the ten most common EARLY signs of Alzheimer’s Disease:

  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  4. Confusion with time or place
  5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
  7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  8. Decreased or poor judgment
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  10. Changes in mood and personality


There is currently no effective treatment to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease.  Those people diagnosed at age 65 or older will average 4-8 years of remaining life but there are instances of people with Alzheimer’s living for 20 years after the diagnosis.

Exercise has been shown to not only prevent Alzheimer’s Disease but also slow down progression.   Cognitive exercises, good nutrition, managing concurrent medical conditions and good quality of sleep may slow progression as well.

If you suspect a family member may be developing Alzheimer’s Disease, evaluate the ten components above and see how many apply and to what extent.  This will allow for better planning and preparation for the future.

No funny songs accompanying this entry.  Many celebrities have succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease.   Here is one of them…Enjoy a tune from Glen Campbell.

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