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What Are YOU Thankful For?

I am writing this entry on Thanksgiving eve…the day before my favorite holiday of the year.  I am certain that everyone reading this entry has certain family traditions that are practiced during the various holidays.  One of my family’s traditions on Thanksgiving is to go around the table and individually, everyone provides at least one “thing” they are thankful for. Of course, some of the declarations are comedic in nature such as “ I am thankful that my fantasy football team is doing so well” whereas others are of a more serious tone such as “I am thankful for having such a loving and wonderful family to share the holiday with.”

I would bet that most answers to the question posed would be along the lines of being thankful for:

  • Being able to spend time with our loved ones
  • Having a year not marred by any serious health related issues
  • Having great friends and work colleagues
  • Having resources to enjoy great food, vacations and luxuries

On the list of “ I am thankful for…” I doubt that any sabotaging/derailing foods/drinks would be on this list.  Beer, wine, chocolate, carb laden foods and other ingestibles that thwart our weight control efforts are not even close to being as important as the other people and things we list.

The goal of a journey to improving health, whether this be weight loss or other, is to be able to participate in the future in all of the great gatherings and fun events life has to offer.  There is nothing more important that the time we spend with our families and friends.  Having good health will ensure many more Thanksgivings, Christmas gatherings, vacations and other great events that makes like worth living.

By the way…one of the “things” I am thankful for is YOU, my patients.  I am incredibly blessed to have transitioned away from owning a larger practice with lots of stress to a much calmer, much healthier practice.  I greatly appreciate YOU staying with me!

Okay, you may love his humor or hate it, but here is Adam Sandler singing “The Thanksgiving Song”.

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