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What Are Your Responsibilities?

There are a number of definitions of the word “RESPONSIBILITY” and here is one of those: the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone

If I were to ask you what are YOUR “responsibilities” how would you answer this question?

I suspect that everyone may have some “responsibilities” in common including:

  • Ensuring your children get to school, do their homework, have nutritious meals daily and in many other ways, be attended to
  • Check in/help take care of elderly relatives
  • Manage of the tasks required at the workplace
  • Take care of household duties/requirements

The list of “responsibilities” that you would list would go on and on.

Of that long list of “responsibilities”, did you list TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH as one of those?  My suspicion is that you may have left that off your list until you saw my suggestion.

Taking responsibility for YOUR own health is one of the most important “responsibilities” you have.  The reason:  If you are stricken with a severe health issue you will not be able to attend to all of those other “responsibilities” on that list you generated.

As they tell you on the airline before your flight takes off:  Place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then place the masks on your children.  This is not an “everyone for themselves” situation, but rather, first ensure the key person is well enough to start taking care of others around him/her.

If you are not currently taking responsibility for your own health, please start doing so.  A healthy and happy “YOU” will allow you to help the important people in your lives to also attain better health and happiness.

And as I am sort of responsible for ending these daily missives with a song that will bring you back to your (and my) younger days, here is an old Bobby Goldsboro tune “Watching Scotty Grow” (I guess he was responsible for Scotty…LOVE that 70’s hair!)

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