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What Are Your Three Biggest Challenges?

During a long-term weight control journey there will be many, many challenges getting in the way of a successful outcome.  Some of these challenges are shared by many people:

  • Slowing metabolism with age
  • Lack of time to prepare meals
  • Business situations that preclude sitting down and having a lunch
  • Business travel that places people in airports at mealtimes
  • Cravings for sugar based foods

And there are many other challenges that many people can relate to.

There are some challenges that may be less “prevalent”:

  • My spouse/children are constantly eating derailing food sources in front of me and I cannot say “no”
  • A complete vegan lifestyle is chosen, precluding the use of protein in the form of chicken, fish or red meat.
  • We have an elderly family member living with us and between work, children time and caring for the elderly family member, there is simply no time to exercise

I am probably missing over 100-plus more challenges that people confront that make the weight control journey quite difficult.

I suggest that everyone should take the time to identify his/her three most significant challenges and then devise a game plan as to how to overcome these.  With enough thought, ingenuity and action taken, most challenges do have solutions that can be implemented.

How many challenges exist to the gaining of weight?  In a relatively healthy person, 99.9% of people will have no challenges at all.  To lose/control weight?  LOTS of challenges exist.  Identify yours.

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