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What Can You “Get Away With” (And What You Cannot)

One of the things that has amazed me over the past 43 years of practicing medicine is how different people are in many respects from medical and psychological standpoints.  These variations include such situations as:

  • How we respond to different infections:  Why did some people contract Covid and have nothing more than a slight cough whereas others needed ventilators to recover?
  • How we respond differently to treatments
  • How much time it takes to recover from physical injuries
  • The period of time that grieving takes place after the loss of a loved one

This list can go on and on and on.

Now, focusing on foods/drinks that would not be considered the “best” for weight control:  People differ as to what they can “get away with” and what they cannot as this relates to the impact on weight control.  I see many patients that can “get away with” having several alcohol containing drinks a week and still lose weight whereas others take a small sip and that ruins their entire week.  Another example: There are a number of patients I see that can skip meals and ingest a fairly low amount of protein weekly and shed weight whereas others cannot “Get away with” this type of eating.   A third example:  A number of people can “get away with” not exercising and still manage to lose weight whereas others must incorporate 3-4X a week exercise to see the scale come down.

The important point: If your goal is to lose weight and keep that weight off, YOU need to know very well what you can “get away with” and what you cannot.   This requires vigilance and focus as well as “testing” certain foods/drinks to see what type of impact on weight control these have.

One more point: The older we get, the less “stuff” we can “get away with”.  With the slowing of metabolism accompanying age, we simply cannot “get away with” the eating and drinking we used to do that in the past, would not adversely impact our weight.

And today’s song will remind all of us that we are no longer in our “Glory Days” and we need to work harder and harder to stay in shape….no more “getting away” with thr things we used to do!  Enjoy “The Boss”. 

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