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What Cancers Are Linked To Poor Weight Control?

Sorry for the morbid post today but this past week I had 5 patients tell me that they were informed that very close relatives of theirs were diagnosed with “cancer”.  There are many different types of cancers and the type, stage of diagnosis and co-existing diseases will impact greatly on the prognosis and eventual outcome.

Here is a list of cancers that have poor weight control as a risk factor:

 Pancreatic cancer

 Colorectal cancer 

 Gallbladder cancer

 Breast cancer

Ovarian cancer 

Thyroid cancer

Esophageal adenocarcinoma

Gastric cardia cancer 

Liver cancer 

Kidney cancer

Multiple myeloma


Weight control is not the only risk factor linked to the above cancers and family history/genetics play a major role in the potential of developing a cancer during a person’s lifetime.

There are many, many reasons for controlling weight. When we think “weight control” often our thoughts go to diabetes and heart disease as the major risks that could be avoided by being successful in our efforts.   The prevention of cancer must be added to this list as well.

Weight control brings you better health and happiness.  The food sources that stop us from controlling weight are not “sweets, treats and goodies”…they are immediate gratification items that can lead, cumulatively, to very serious illnesses.

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