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What Do You Order At Starbucks?

I am not a coffee person and therefore I am not a patron of Starbucks.  However, I am in the minority as I believe that the majority of people are coffee drinkers and the majority of those find themselves at Starbucks, perhaps even on a daily basis.  Hats off to the Founder of Starbucks.  Who would have thought that people would be willing to pony up over $5 bucks for a cup of coffee?

I poked around on the internet this morning to learn more about the caloric counts and costs of the various Starbucks offerings.  The plain, routine, no thrills coffee has about 10 calories and will set you back less than $3 dollars.  However, the seasonal frappuccinos may contain over 500 calories, and with tip, count on a greater than $6 dollar purchase.

There is also the temptation of purchasing one of those cool looking food items in the case such as the cookies and cakes.  That could bring the caloric intake to over 1000 calories for the morning Starbucks visit depending on what is ordered.

I am not suggesting that Starbucks is a “No Fly Zone” similar to a McDonalds, if you are trying to control weight.  However, the ordering of your favorite roast of coffee or hot tea, and then avoiding any other food purchases is the way to go.

Lots of money to be saved as well….$5 bucks multiplied by 300 days a year =$1500 bucks a year.  That can buy one of the most expensive, Gucchi type, fancy cappuccino makers for your own home….and no tipping!

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