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What Does The Future Hold?

The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives.  It is quite natural for all of us to contemplate and conjecture about what the future holds:

  • When will we be able to walk around without wearing masks?
  • When will we be able to take “real” vacations again?
  • Will the vaccine eradicate the virus?
  • When will our children be able to attend school in person again and enjoy the experiences that come along with this?
  • How will this impact our jobs/financial future?

These questions, and many more about the future, are quite understandably percolating through all of our minds as we are entering a new year, but still the same conditions exist.   We have always heard lines like “Live in the moment” and “Live every day as if it was your last one”  and similar inspirational quotes about not dwelling on thoughts of the future.  However, we are normal human beings subject to human nature behavior and that will include thoughts about what the future holds.

My “crystal ball” is no better than anyone else’s hence the reason why I will not take guesses as to the answers posed by the above questions.  However, here is something I am very confident in predicting:

The future looks lots brighter on multiple levels when we are healthier and have less risk for developing medical problems.  When we are strong in body, mind and spirit we are much better equipped to handle the challenges thrown at us.  The best way to help craft a happy future is to work on your health first. Please never forget the importance of “you”.

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