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What Does The Future Hold?

I am writing this entry on the morning after Election Day.  The results are still undecided as I am penning these words.  I do know that the emotions of people are ranging from anger to frustration to relief to happiness to despair and to (add on your own feelings).

We all think, contemplate and worry about our futures.  Most certainly, results of elections will impact our futures in some form or fashion, whether this be financial, social or otherwise.  There are certain days when our thoughts about our futures become more prominent such as New Year’s Day, a milestone birthday, a retirement and/or a post-Election Day.

When we think “future” some of the most prominent questions include our health.  Will our bodies stay strong?  Will our mental capacities remain intact?  Will we be able to partake and enjoy activities that we enjoy doing now?

No matter what happens with the election results, there is a 100% chance that our futures are much, much brighter when good health is obtained/sustained.  It does not matter very much what party controls which house and who is the Commander in Chief if our health deteriorates to the point when our lives are dominated by the health problems we experience.

So, my point today is this:  No matter what the election results are and how positive or negative you feel about this, please remain focused on your journey to health and happiness via effective weight control.  We cannot control how politicians act, who other people vote for, or how the future of our country is impacted by this election.  However, we can control what foods and drinks enter our mouths as well as how much priority we place into focusing on our health.

The future is much brighter for you when your weight control goals are reached and maintained.  That is not a Candidate Posner promise subject to the dubious “guarantees” that most politicians promise, but rather, a Dr. Posner promise that has an incredibly high chance of coming to fruition.  And, the rumors are not true.  I am NOT running for Mayor of Burke, Virginia (hmm…I don’t think that position exists)

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