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What Hormones Decrease With Aging?

Let’s all face it:  For any of you out there 50 years of age or above, we would all LOVE to feel like we did 30 years ago.  Turning the clock back to our more youthful years, we felt more energy, had quicker recovery from exercise, had more stamina and (probably) could not stop thinking about sex.  Now, most of us probably would be happy to find the “Fountain Of Middle Age” as the likelihood of finding the “Fountain Of Youth” has already evaded us.

What hormones are shown to decrease with age that may be the cause of these declining feelings of “youth”/well-being?.  The major hormones that decrease with age that could impact our levels of energy and libido are: testosterone (males), estrogens (females) and growth hormone (all).

So, here begs the question: In the quest to turn back the clock on how we feel, we can’t we take testosterone (males) estrogen (females) and/or growth hormone to get these levels back to where they were decades ago?

The answer is that we certainly can seek hormone replacement but we all must weigh the risks/benefits of taking these.  As an example, estrogens have been linked to an increase in risk of breast cancer, clots and (more controversial) an increase in risk of heart disease.  Testosterone can cause prostate cancers to grow more quickly, increase the risk of clots (by increasing red blood cell counts) and produce acne.  Growth hormone may cause joint and muscle pains, swelling, headaches and dizziness.

Check with your doctor to see if hormone replacement makes sense for you, given your underlying medical issues and how you feel. Peptides can raise human growth hormone and testosterone can be provided by injections or topical creams.  Estrogens may be administered by oral pills and patches.

It would be great to feel 20 years younger.  Hormone treatments may be of help but as always, the risk/benefit analysis must be looked at carefully.

And when I was 17, it was a very good year (so was 27, 37 and 47!)  Enjoy Frank

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