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What is in YOUR Closet?

Today’s entry is working off the Capital One Bank advertising campaign that asks the question:  “What is in YOUR wallet?”  This, of course, is referring to what type of bankcard you carry.  They are hoping your answer is “Capital One”.

Now, let’s go to your clothes closet.  Do you have some clothes in there that are either too large or too small?  Or, does the closet only contain clothes that fit?  For those that have seen their weight go up, down up again, etc., most likely, the clothes that fit and do not fit are all together.  

I have had some patients make jokes about their “fat clothes”, referring to the only clothes they can wear when they are carrying around too much weight.  Their desire is to get back into their “better” clothes, i.e. the ones that are more form-fitting, stylish and trendy.

Several days ago I had a patient tell me that she only allows cloths in her closet that fit.  She is striving to get into the clothes that fit when her weight is reduced, and as a motivation, her closet will only contain those clothes currently fitting her.  This is providing her with motivation to keep working hard on her weight control efforts so the “better” clothes can re-enter the closet.

I have had other patients tell me that they will be motivated by prominently displaying in their closets those clothes that will only fit them when weight is lost.  Seeing the beautiful gown/dress that will fit when the patient is several sizes less serves as a motivating force.

One of the major motivations for all people to lose weight involves the desire to wear the clothes that promote self-confidence and receive positive attention.  Perhaps there are some “closet strategies” that will help your efforts.  

So, what is in YOUR closet?

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