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What Is “It” Worth?

We all make decisions based on relative worth and value.  Often, circumstances dictate the relative worth/value of something.  As an example, if you were stranded in a desert for days in the hot sun, dehydrated to the point of almost passing out  and you came upon a stand where water was being sold, you would most likely be willing to spend all the money you had in the world for a quenching/life-saving pitcher of water.  If circumstances had you at a park with many drinking fountains scattered around the park, you may get upset paying $2 bucks in the snack bar for a bottled water.  The same product, i.e. water, would be worth a very different amount based on circumstances.

Let’s now turn to the weight control arena: If a person knew for certain that purchasing a Peloton bicycle/subscription and using this 5X a week would add 15 years to his/her life, chances are that the person would be willing to spend as much $$$ on the Peloton as he/she would on a new Tesla.  Another example:  If overweight/obese people knew for certain that they would suffer from a severe, life-threatening disease in the next 5 years and the only action that would prevent this would be joining Weight Watchers, the SP Team and I would be seeking work because no patients would come to our program…everyone would descend on Weight Watchers clinics.

How about we focus on food/drink sources that derail our efforts to control weight?  What level of “worth” do we place on these?  Yes, the ingestion of these items may be worth a momentary “feel good” but other that, they really do not have much “worth”.

Feeling great, having high energy, looking great in clothes (and out of them), experiencing positive self-esteem and not being on medications are all together, worth “lots”.

Take a step back and analyze the relative “worth” of things we are a part of, people we get to spend time with, our professional satisfaction and a whole host of other aspects of our lives.  These are valued very highly.  Illness can take these away.

So, if you are hesitant to spend $$$ on a gym membership, personal training, healthy foods, a (great) medical weight program such as SP (shameless self-promotion) and other things that can help you control weight:  Think about the “worth” of shedding the weight…LOTS of great return on your time and $$$ investment!

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