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What Is The Best Pizza To Eat?

Okay, I admit it:  I am a “Pizza Snob”.  Pretty much everyone originally from New York believes that they really “know” pizza.  This comes from the general consensus around the country, as evidenced by so many pizzerias calling their products “New York style pizza”, that “New York Pizza” is simply the best.  Some of the reasons postulated include the quality of New York water producing great crust (similar to the NY bagels!) as well as the “real Italian” sauces brought over by many Italian immigrants to NYC years ago.  Sorry Chicago people with your “deep dish” creations…we New Yorkers (and ex-ones) know pizza.

So, on to the topic at hand:  Is pizza a “No-No” during your long-term weight control journey?   The SP Program preaches “protein and vegetables”, so pizza is clearly not the best choice for a meal.  However, there are certain pizzas that will be much more “damaging” than others to weight control.  For example, the thin wheat crust pizzas with fresh vegetables as toppings will certainly be much better to eat than a deep dish, heavy crust pizza with lots of fatty meats on top.  The thinner, “flat bread” style pizzas will be a much better choice than the “cheese in the crust” offerings you see at Pizza Hut or in the frozen sections.

Portion control is important as well.  Demolishing an entire thin crust brick oven pizza with vegetables on top will be more damaging than 1-2 slices of a NY style, thicker crust pizza.

The bottom line: Pizza, in the right form and right amounts, is certainly in play during your long-term weight control journey.  Expanding this thought to pretty much every food and drink:  Do not tell yourself “I CANNOT ever have _______ again”.  Rather, try to form the mind-set that you are CHOOSING to limit portions as well as the “best” type.  Mangia!

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