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What Is The Most Important Tip For Weight Control?

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviewed by Angela Stribling for her radio show, “Pillow Talk” that is aired on Sirius XM channel 141 as well as locally on WHUR 96.3.  Angela wanted to me to discuss with her listeners why losing weight is so challenging, how different body functions/chemicals impact weight control and what “tips” I may have to help people get their weight control moving in a positive fashion.

The various interventions/”tips” we discussed were:

  • Medications, including the new GLP-1 agonists Wegovy and Ozempic
  • Dietary Plans to follow
  • Exercise
  • Support

Taking a step back and analyzing the actions we take to ensure weight loss, I believe the very most important factor is support.  Medications can be useful as adjuncts to the process but the bottom line is that if medications are used alone without support, long-term success will be difficult to achieve.  Similarly, following a “diet” or purchasing prepackaged foods/shakes will also not result in long-term weight loss success.

“Support” can come in different forms: Joining a Weight Watchers group, pairing up with a friend(s)/relative for support, participating with an online support group…these and more options are available.

At the Serotonin-Plus Program, “support” is delivered via once a week visits, these e-mails I spam you with every day and free monthly body scans when you leave the formal visits of your program.

Please ensure that you are incorporating some sort of “support” component to your weight loss efforts.  By doing so, you will have a much greater chance of success, as I believe “support” is the most important “tip” for long-term weight control.

For those night owls out there, Angela’s show can be heard at midnight on late Sunday/early Monday on Sirius XM 141 or FM station 96.3 in the D.C region.  I will be on the show January 9th 12AM.  

Here is Dr. Bob’s full interview :

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