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What Is The New “Before and After”?

We have all been thinking and wondering what the “New Norm” will look like.  This, of course refers to what life was like for all of us “Before” the Covid-19 pandemic vs. what will experience “After” the pandemic has passed.

We have been offering the SP Weight Program for almost 20 years and our marketing consultants have always told us to place “Before and After” pictures of our successful patients in any marketing/advertising piece.  This compelling visual testimonial provides impetus for other people to want to follow the same path:  The “After” showing a much thinner, younger looking, happier person wearing form fitting clothes. 

The “New Norm” will also bring an important difference in the concept of a “Before and After” weight control patient.  The “Before” person is one that most likely has several weight-related co-morbidities such as hypertension and diabetes.  Perhaps the “Before” version has some asthma and/or Vitamin D deficiency.  The “After” version?  That “After” is taking less medications, the blood sugars are lower and the blood pressure is under better control.

We cannot show by pictorial what happens on the “inside” of the person losing weight.  However, it is this “inside” betterment that allows that person to have much less risk for developing severe/life-threatening outcomes from a Covid infection.   When the next wave(s) strike, people at more optimal weights stand a much better chance of thriving.  

Yes, it is awesome to show the physical changes that occur when a person loses a bunch of weight.  It is even more awesome to know that this could also be the difference between a hospital stay with ventilator needs vs. having common cold type symptoms and being completely normal in one week.

The truly great “Before and After” involved with successful weight control?  The “After” version being a much healthier, happier and less risk person.

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