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What Is Your Inspiration?

Here is a definition of the word, “INSPIRATION”: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

When famous people are interviewed and queried about special achievements they have made, (whether in the sports, arts, theater or other) one of the usual questions is “What inspired you to ___?”.  The answers range from special people in their lives, such as parents, spouses, children and/or other loved ones to social situations to teachers/professors etc.

Having inspiration often motivates us to rise above challenging conditions and accomplish things that are difficult to conquer.  Without inspiration, our efforts will often fall short because of lack of determination and resolve.

Let’s bring this discussion of “Inspiration” to the weight control world (what a surprise, huh?).  We will usually embark on a weight loss journey when we are inspired to do so.  This inspiration could include:


  • A recent diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening disease such as diabetes
  • Having a friend/loved one succumb to a weight-related co-morbidity such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer
  • Watching a friend successfully lose weight and be encouraged by that person to embark on a similar health improvement journey
  • Spouse and/or children encouraging you to shed the weight.


Many other “inspirations” may be added to this list.

Try to find one, several or lots of “inspirations” that will provide impetus and strength behind your weight control efforts.  By doing so, the journey will be lots easier with a higher chance of success.

And my inspiration for writing these daily missives?  YOU!  If I can help you focus on your health and wellness by hammering these out, I feel like I am doing something good.

Enjoy Chicago singing “You’re My Inspiration”

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