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What is Your LOGY Factor?

Every morning when I check my e-mail there is always a “Word Of The Day” entry sent my way.  I do not know/when I signed up to receive these, but unlike most spam e-mails I receive where I “unsubscribe” I sort of enjoy learning about words that most of us do not use in normal daily conversations.

Today, the “word of the day” was LOGY.  The definition: Dull and heavy in motion or thought; sluggish.

This word/definition caused me to take a step back and think of what I will term a “Logy Factor”.  All of us, at times, have felt the exact definition of “Logy”.  Sometimes we feel “dull and heavy in motion” and/or “sluggish”.  This could be extremely transient in nature, such as waking up on a cold, dark morning and feeling sluggish until we down the first cup of coffee.  However, there are many people that can relate to feeling sluggish for a good part of the day.

There are many factors that contribute to our “Logy Factor” such as:

  • The amount and quality of sleep
  • Medications currently being taken
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • The amount of daily responsibilities on our plates

Many other bullet points may be added to this list.  

We all need to assess what contributing components under our control may raise our “Logy Factor” and then take the steps needed to combat those.  Some examples:

  • Consuming too much alcohol at night
  • Not exercising
  • Allowing too much weight to be on our bodies
  • Spending too much time on our devices/social media thereby precluding healthier pursuits.

On a scale of 1-10, with “10” meaning having NO sluggishness and NOT at all dull and heavy in motion and “1” meaning feeling very tired and sluggish most of the time, what is YOUR “Logy Factor”?  If the number is closer to 1 than 10, go after the contributing factors under your control to remedy the situation.

Nope, can’t find any songs with the word “LOGY” in the title (or lyrics for that matter).  However, although I am about to lose 95% of you with this video, here is a Broadway classic of someone having a “1” on the “Logy Factor.  Enjoy an Audrey Hepburn memorable moment.

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