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What Is Your Passion?

There are lots of definitions of “passion” and one quick look on the internet will provide lots of these definitions ranging from religious connotations to sexual feelings.  In between many definitions involve strong feelings about a person, action or event.

When you look at what people are passionate about, a number of items come up such as:

  • Animals
  • Yourself
  • Hobbies
  • Uplifting others
  • Learning
  • Health and fitness
  • Your career
  • Your relationships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Making a better society
  • Teaching others
  • Faith

How does weight control impact on “passions”?  Well, when we are healthy we most certainly can devote more of our time/efforts/energy to animals, ourselves, hobbies, uplifting others, learning, our careers, our relationships, entrepreneurship, making a better society and teaching others.  When we are suffering from medical problems, we cannot really devote much passion to anything/anyone else, as our lives revolve around the health issues.

Stay focused on your weight control efforts, even during the holiday season, as your successful efforts will be rewarded with much more passion in your life…on many fronts!

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