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What Is Your Usage Of Food Delivery Services?

Let’s turn the clock back to 60 years ago.  In 1960, the Monaghan brothers bought a pizza restaurant called “DomeNicks” for $500 and started delivering pizzas.   One of the brothers, James, did not want to quit his full time job as a postal worker so he sold his 50% share to his brother Tom.  Tom Monaghan built the company over the years and exited in 1998 by selling 93% of his shares to a private equity group for $ 1 billion dollars.  Currently, the company has over 15,000 stores and has a presence in 83 countries.  

The evolution of home delivery food changed over the years to many types of foods other than pizzas.  I first remember local Chinese restaurants offering delivery services.  Now? There is a plethora of home delivery restaurant food companies with most of them not even requiring you to pick up a phone.  Grub Hub, Uber Eats and Door Dash have apps that make it quite simple to sit on your couch and order food from your favorite restaurants.   

Personal story:  Several months ago our doorbell rang and by the time I opened the door, the driver was already back in his car and there was a very large bag containing a bunch of McDonald’s food.  We did not order the food and I called my next door neighbor that has several children and sure enough, this was his order.  So, even the fast food restaurants offer home delivery through these services!

Moving away from restaurants, there are also home delivery food services that bring “freshly prepared” meals to your home and you simply need to heat them up.  Blue Apron, Home Chef. Sunbasket and Green Chef are some examples.

Now, let’s focus on you and your use, if any, of home delivery food services.  Are you using any of these services?  If so, are you using the restaurant delivery companies?  If the answer is “yes”, what types of foods are you ordering?  Are these meals derailing your weight control efforts?  If you are using the “fresh food” delivery services are you sticking with a very high protein/low carb approach?

During your quest for improved health and happiness via effective weight control, take a step back and analyze your use of food delivery services and try as best as possible to utilize the convenience of these services but not allow them to derail your efforts.

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