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What (NOT WHO) Should We Cancel?

Wow….that word “CANCEL”…how this has taken on a completely different meaning these days compared to the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (i.e. when the baby boomers like me were in our 60’s-80’s heydays).  In our days, “CANCEL” meant:

  • Trying to opt out of your contract with Columbia Records deal that gave you 10 records (or cassettes) for $ 1 dollar, but then they would send you some crappy record/cassette each month for $10 bucks
  • Canceling your appointment with the dentist
  • Getting out of our monthly Erol’s fee that was required to rent VCR or VHS movies

Fast forward to current times: “CANCEL” has taken on an entirely different meaning: cancel culture refers to the mass withdrawal of support from public figures or celebrities who have done things that aren’t socially accepted today. This practice of “canceling” or mass shaming often occurs on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  This has extended beyond famous people to regularly people being shunned/shamed by bullies on social media.

Well, Posner is gonna bring “CANCEL” in a positive way to the health/wellness/weight control arena.  Here goes…we should all consider CANCELING:

  • Any vacations that include “All You Can Eat/All You Can Drink” situations…change to vacations that have you pay per meal and per drink
  • Regular weekend get togethers with your “Boat friends”…avoid the drink-fest 
  • Your use of food delivery apps that make it very easy to sit on your butt and order derailing foods
  • Any memberships to wine clubs that automatically deliver wine to your house on a regular basis
  • Daily “Happy Hour” at your house when you and your loved one toast each other 

Please feel free to self-examine your own habits/behaviors and see what else can be “Canceled” in order for you to get back on a healthier path.

And here is one thing NOT to cancel: Your opt-in for these amazing, daily missives from yours truly!  (Okay, they are not so amazing, but maybe they make you laugh occasionally!)

Here is one performer that cancelled her appearance at the famous Woodstock concert in 1969.  Enjoy Joni Mitchell (and Mary Travis from Peter, Paul and Mary).

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