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What Should You Do With Your ‘Fat Clothes”?

I will very quickly stop a patient that self-deprecates by using the “F” word (Fat).  A person could be overweight (BMI between 25-30), obese (BMI 30-40) or morbidly obese (BMI greater than 40) but we all have fat as a component of our bodies.   Being called “fat” or self-referring to one’s self as “fat” is very negative.  Positivity is an important psychological factor in long-term weight control success, hence my reason of trying to eliminate the “F” word.

I have had many patients refer to cloths that only fit them when they are very overweight as being their “Fat Clothes”.  People will tell me that one of the great benefits of weight loss is being able to fit into their more stylish, form-fitting clothes in the closet and being able to put their “fat clothes” away.  Some people will keep those clothes whereas others throw them away or donate them to a charity.

I believe that the aesthetic look is a great motivator for weight control and there is no doubt that people look younger and more confident when they lose weight.  I believe that at least some of the cloths used previously when the weight was much higher should be kept as a motivator as well…and that motivation is to keep the weight off.  Place at least one outfit that you wore before the weight loss that you really did not care for next to one that now fits you great.   Daily, you will be reminded of a great delayed gratification benefit of weigh control, and that is fitting into your “happier” clothes.

On a daily basis, cutting carbs, eliminating the snacks we love, avoiding alcohol , etc all are not “fun”.  Wearing the clothes you want to is lots of fun.  Keep some reminders around as to why the efforts are worthwhile.

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