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What The World Needs Now Is_______

The title of this entry was ended with a “blank” and I am about to fill in that blank with potential endings.  BUT…please do not expect any political views or social commentary endings, as my own personal opinions will remain my own.  Because no matter how I would fill in that blank would likely evoke 50% cheers and 50% jeers. 

However, I am about to fill in that “blank” as this may relate to the weight control arena.  Here goes:  What the world needs now is:

  • Less availability of processed foods so people will be forced to prepare, cook or buy fresh foods
  • A 4 out of 7 days ban on the use of smart phones so people spend less time on social media, checking sports scores and other use of their time that could be devoted to exercise, planning meals, and other pursuits that improve health
  • Less “candy jar people”, i.e. those people at work that feel they need to supply the rest of the office with high caloric derailing snack items.  Wake up people!  70 per cent of our population is overweight/obese and we do NOT need other people harming our efforts
  • Less social media influencers and more real life influencers such as YOU showing your family and friends that you CAN control your weight and therefore so they can as well
  • Less marketeers that play off of our human nature instincts that drive us to eat more than what we should: Example: getting the second Big Mac for a dollar when the first one is bought at full price
  • More spouses and family members helping Mom by taking on more tasks allowing Mom to spend more “self-care” time.

I could obviously go on and on with more bullet points but my point:  The growing obesity epidemic in America can only be reversed if we do, in fact, change some/many of the issues that are contributing to this health crisis.  Please try to focus on your “world” and what can be done to change the dynamics that would allow for successful weight control.

And here is an ending to “What The World Needs Now Is ___” that will not be controversial in the least:  LOVE    Enjoy Dionne Warwick’s version.  This 1965 song was written by the recently deceased Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David.  Ms. Warwick originally turned down Mr. Bacharach’s offer and the originally version was song by Jackie Deshannon.   

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