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What Type Are You?

I saw a movie once that had a very funny line (I think it may have been the only funny line in the picture).  One of the characters said:  “There are two types of people in the world…those that love Neil Diamond music and those that don’t.”  For some reason this struck me as very humorous, as I am a big Neil Diamond music lover and many people in my family make fun of me as they think his music is sort of shmaltzy crap.  

The concept of “there are two types of people in the world” being simply broken down can be extended beyond Neil Diamond music.  Here are some examples “those that love golf and those that don’t”, “those that enjoy Broadway shows and those that don’t”, “those that like the snow and those that don’t, and we can all come up with millions of others.

I know you know this is coming but let’s focus on weight control efforts and two types of approaches:

  • There are those that plan meals and those that don’t.
  • There are those that view weight loss as “life-style changing and those that don’t.
  • There are those that believe pills/supplements are the answer to their weight control struggles and those that don’t.
  • There are those that are able to take a delay before eating/drinking derailing food/drink sources and think through the ramifications and those that don’t.
  • There are those that weight themselves frequently and adjust their eating based on what transpires on the scale and those that don’t.
  • There are those that will find time to incorporate exercise several times a week and those that don’t.
  • There are those that go shopping with a list to ensure the right foods are in the house and the derailing foods are not an there are those that don’t.

Clearly, for there to be any chance at long term weight control success, we all need to be a certain type of person…one that does the above planning/focusing/commitment to the processes needed for success.  The other “type” of person is doomed to wander from one “diet” to the next over and over without ever achieving lasting weight loss success.

To achieve the health and happiness that weight control will bring you, you do not have to be the type of person that loves Neil Diamond, but you do need to be the type that will take the steps needed to achieve the long-term results.

And, for you “types” that love Neil Diamond, here is one of his sweet songs from the Jazz Singer movie, Summer love

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