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What Will Happen In 17 Years?

That is most certainly a weird and freaky sound that we are all hearing courtesy of our every 17 years visitors.  That roaring sound made by the cicadas reminds me of leaving a football stadium early before the game ends and you can hear a roaring-type sound in the distance as you get further away from the stadium.

It is sort of poignant to go back and think about the last time we all heard those cicadas.  Lots has happened in all of our lives since the last time that roared occurred.  Perhaps there were births of children and/or grandchildren, graduations, weddings, fabulous vacation trips, promotions at work, purchasing new houses or vehicles etc, etc.  Unfortunately, on the medical side, there may have been a hospitalization(s), surgery(s), diagnosis of a new medical problem, etc etc.

When you are 18 and you think about the next time the Cicadas sing their song, age 35 brings thoughts of having a profession, a family, owning a house, car etc.  When you are 40, the next 17 years brings you to 57, and then thoughts will occur about retirement, “next phases of life”, caring for elderly parents, what will your children over 21 still living with you will do, etc etc.

Anyone out there age 65 or above like me?  Hmmm…  17 years brings us to that age on the insurance company actuarial tables when we may not be exactly doing great or actually be here at all to listen to the cicada roar.

The point of this entry:  Staying focused and steadfast on our weight control efforts increase the likelihood that our next 17, 35, 51 or more years will have more “fun and healthy” times as opposed to “illness and unhappy” times.   Lots can happen in 17 years, both good and bad.  There is no doubt that more “good” will happen when our bodies are nurtured and healthy.

And I guess the good news for me and people my age:  Our hearing will not be as good in 17 years so that annoying/scary sound will not sound as loud!

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