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New Year Thoughts

Every year around this time my family and I play a game in which we make predictions as to what the New Year will bring.  These “crystal ball musings” range from world events to national elections to the outcome for our favorite sports teams to a whole host of potential events that will impact us personally or the world at large.

As I think back of previous years and our predictions, one of the biggest “wildcards” that can impact lots of stuff is “health”.  As an example, on the personal side of things, last year at this time as I was doing my “predictions”, I had no clue that my L3/L4 lumber disc would herniate that would cause my August-October to be 3 of the worst months of my life due to the pain I incurred prior to the surgical fix.  I am certain as you look back on your year and think about the medical/health events that occurred unexpectedly, you also think lots about how those issues impacted your year.

I have stated this multiple times and will do so again:  Having good health positions us to have really good things happen in the future.  Despite the economy doing well, our personal finances being stable or our sports teams winning championships, having major health issues transpire will make it a very bad year.

So, I implore all of you to focus on doing what it takes to obtain as best health status as possible.  A number of things are not under out control but lots of stuff is.  2024 will be a great year if negative health issues are not part of the picture.  Stay committed on your journey to a better level of health.

And here is to a Very Good Year…enjoy “Ol Blue Eyes”

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