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What Will The New Year Bring?

I am writing this entry several weeks before we ring the New Year in.  I am not sure if you do the same as I do, but around this time I start thinking more and more about what the New Year will bring.  Pondering these potential events/outcomes include:

  • “World events” such as what will transpire in the current wars being raged in Ukraine and the Middle East
  • “National events” such as who will run/win the 2024 Presidential election, how the economy will fare, etc
  • “Sports events” such as how my favorite teams in baseball, football, hockey and basketball will perform (2023 was a completely lousy year for my teams but hope springs eternal!)

On the personal side, I also wonder what the New Year bring in terms of:

  • How my/Nataliya’s adjustment to living in a new area will proceed
  • How our children/grandchild will (hopefully) prosper
  • What fun trips, vacations and excursions will take place

Another major thought process about what the New Year will bring revolves around health.  Perhaps you have noticed the same, but as I get older and older I think much more about health for the upcoming year.  2022 brought me heart disease and coronary artery angioplasty and 2023 brought me a really bad herniated lower back disc and horrific pain for 3 months before my successful surgery.  What does 2024 have in store for me?  As you think back on your life and your health issues, have the previous years brought you good health or have you had to endure health issues that made your life less than happy and suffering-free?

There are many instances when/where we have no control over what will transpire in the New Year.  Yes, we can vote and stump for our favorite candidate, but ultimately, there will be very little chance that one person can impact the results of elections.  On the world front, once again, we cannot impact “what the New Year” will bring.

Here is what we can impact:  The chances that we have a “healthy” year vs. one that includes negative health events.  By staying steadfast in our weight control efforts, ensuring good sleep/nutrition, following guidelines for age-appropriate health screenings and immunizations and getting a good amount of exercise, we CAN impact hat the New Year will bring.

And here is Mariah Carey’s version of “Auld Lang Syne”  (by the way, what does that song mean???)    

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