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Beware Of “Miracle” Drugs

Okay, let’s suppose you are considering starting a prescription medication for a problem and there are alternative solutions that do not carry any potential side effects. The prescription medication under consideration may cause:

Thyroid tumors
Changes in vision
Gallbladder issues
Kidney failure
Gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach)


So, the alternative solution carries no side effects and the medication under consideration has been linked to all of the above…which course do you choose?

Well, let’s bring this discussion to the practical world. The adverse effects of the prescription medication listed have all been linked to Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro. These are the new “miracle” drugs for weight loss. Social media, Hollywood elites and the major internet “influencers” have made these drugs seem like they can induce substantial weight loss with little-no effort.

By the way, the alternative “treatment” for weight loss that carries no side effects: Cutting sugars, carbs and alcohol intake.

The point of this entry: There are no “Miracle” drugs for helping people lose weight and keep that weight off long term. Do not be fooled by social media “influencers”. Get to the basics: eating a healthier diet and exercising more.

And although I have altered his song to fit this entry, enjoy Barry Manilow’s “It’s (NOT) A Miracle.

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